the process

How is it that our Award Winning Tequila tastes so smooth and sweet? It is the special attention to every detail at every step of the process. A process that dates back to 1840 at the 2nd oldest Tequila distillery in the world, overseen by the 4th generation of family craft distillers. A process that uses only the traditional ways of the craft.

Step 1. The Piña- We use only mature blue weber agave at least 8 years old and measured for degrees brix (sugar content/sweetness). Harvested by jimadors at the peak of ripeness and hand trimmed with coas, creating our “piñas”, the heart of the agave plant. The best tequila starts with the best agave.

Step 2. The Hornos (Brick Oven) Steaming- Our perfect pinas are slow steamed for 26 hours in Hornos (Brick Ovens) converting the natural agave carbohydrates and starches into the fermentable agave sugars for the fermentation process. Horno is the traditional, old world 'time tested' cooking method. The temperature and the cooking time play a key factor in the quality of the juices and honey, making a special tequila. This oven cooking takes longer and is way more labor and time intensive, but you can easily taste the difference. Slower cooking of the agave hearts won't caramelize the sugars as much, so it tends to create a sweeter, smoother drink with less bitterness in the finish. Also, draining off the 'bitter

honey' at the start of the cooking process helps make for a sweeter, cleaner tasting tequila. Cooking in a horno, takes the flavors of the oven and imparts them within the profile of the tequila. Our Hornos add fruit and cooked agave tones, and increase the intensity of the toasted sugar and sweetness to the palate and finish.  The world's best quality tequila is made using hornos. 

Step 3. Fermentation- Once cooked, our agave “piñas” are milled for sugar extraction. The cooked piñas are crushed in order to release the juice, or “aguamiel,” that will be fermented. We use the traditional method of crushing the piñas with a “tahona,” a giant grinding wheel within a circular pit to separate the fiber from the juices. Once the piñas are minced they are washed with spring water and strained to remove the juices. During the fermentation process the sugars are transformed into alcohol. The yeast that grows naturally on the agave leaves is used to accelerate and control the fermentation.

Step 4.  Distillation- Our tequila is distilled using only Copper Stills. Master Distiller Don Raul Reyes Barajas, has many years of experience, passed down for generations, in creating perfectly balanced tequila with uniquely smooth taste profiles.  Our tequila is double distilled to create the purest, most crystalline Blanco Tequila. Tequila simply tastes better distilled in copper stills.

Step 5. Aging- Our tequilas are hand made in small batches using old school craft processes at every step. Our Reposado and Anejo are aged in virgin white oak barrels. We do not use old whiskey barrels, so all you taste are sweet agave flavors. Our Reposado is aged for 9 months to achieve its golden color, our Anejo is aged for 18 months maturing to a deep amber.

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